Water Conservation Ordinance

The City of North Bend actively pursues water conservation in a variety of ways: through ongoing distribution system leak reduction efforts, customer conservation education, installation of replacement watermains, and what began in 2020, the Water Conservation Ordinance (WCO).

The intent of the WCO is conservation education and awareness, and it serves as a practice that benefits not only the North Bend community, but the Snoqualmie Valley as a whole. The WCO is part of the North Bend City Council’s ongoing commitment to be good stewards of the environment, conserve a limited natural resource and protect the Snoqualmie River. 

The WCO is now four years old. For some, this ordinance is an anticipated seasonal practice in our community, and for others, the WCO is new and as a participant, we understand you want to ensure you have all the information you need to join in water conservation efforts. 

Water Conservation Ordinance, Stage 1

how to participate in stage 1

The WCO pertains to all property owners inside City limits and all City of North Bend water customers inside or outside City limits. Stage 1 provides property owners with a series of simple directives for water usage, such as: 

  • Irrigation during Stage 1: Irrigation is allowed from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. every day during Stage 1. Irrigation includes yard, orchard, garden and other ornamental landscaping. During these times, less evaporation tends to occur, which is more water efficient and can reduce your water bill.

    Hand/manual watering during Stage 1: During Stage 1, hand/manual watering is allowed any time throughout the day.

    Drip irrigation systems as your sole source of watering: Properties with drip irrigation systems that are the sole source of watering are exempt from the WCO.

    Playing in the water during Stage 1: Short-term recreational water usage is allowed under the WCO.  

 As a reminder, if you install or already have a drip irrigation system and that is your sole source of watering, you are exempt from the WCO.