Streets & Transportation

The Public Works Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of 32.9 centerline miles of asphalt streets and 2.1 miles of other types of surfaced roadways consisting of the following classes:

  • Arterials, which accommodate highest volumes of traffic and longest trip lengths
  • Collectors, which provide channels to arterials from local neighborhoods
  • Locals, which provide access to adjacent parcels, mostly residential and not through traffic

Annual Maintenance

To extend the longevity of the roadways, the department conducts annual pothole patching, restriping, crack sealing, overlaying and other practices. In areas of significant deterioration and when financially feasible, the city will resort to reconstruction of the roadway.

Roadway Navigation & Safety

Safety is the number one concern in operating and maintaining our roadway system. The safety focus is placed first on pedestrians and bicyclists and second on motorists.