North Bend Sustainability Initiatives


The City of North Bend is now working to plan for a number of measures of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. We have recently completed the development of an Energy and Sustainability Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This element has formed broad policy direction for municipal operations, new development, and information to residents and businesses on actions they can take as individuals to reduce their environmental impacts, and to ensure that environmental, community and economic goals are held in balance with one another. The next steps will be to develop incentives for carrying out these policies in new development.

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The Planning Commission hosted a series of workshops in 2012 on a number of issues relating to sustainability, including greenhouse gas emissions, energy and fossil fuel use, recycling and waste reduction, green building, low-impact stormwater management, social equity, and urban forestry. These workshops were interactive community conversations exploring the topics, including identifying what can be done, what is important to residents, and how best to respond as a City. The workshops informed city staff and the Planning Commission in the development of the Energy and Sustainability Element

The PowerPoints of these workshops are available online.

For more information, please contact Senior Planner Mike McCarty via email or at 425-888-7649.

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