Meadowbrook ULID

MEADOWBROOK SEWER Utility Local Improvement District

In 2020, property owners in the western portion of the City, where sewer is currently unavailable, petitioned the City to create a Utility Local Improvement District (ULID) to extend sewer to this area. As required by law, over 60% of Meadowbrook property owners signed the petition. State law also requires a formal appraisal of the area to ensure the value of the land with sewer is greater than the cost of extending the City’s sewer system. The appraisal was completed in March, 2021.

 In August, 2022, City Council approved an ordinance authorizing the formation of the Meadowbrook Sewer ULID. The approved ordinance followed a public hearing for the Meadowbrook Sewer ULID, as well as the February 1st adoption of a Resolution which authorized the Mayor to execute a petition to include City-owned properties within the ULID boundaries.

The Meadowbrook area is an integral part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. As a property owner led and petitioned ULID, this sewer improvement project will provide a mix of commercial and residential property owners the opportunity to connect into public sewer. Many properties located within the ULID boundary are currently vacant, with onsite soils that do not meet public health requirements for septic systems. The sewer improvement project will provide valuable infrastructure to these properties. Bringing sewer to the Meadowbrook area is supported by the City’s 2017 Wastewater Systems Facilities Plan, as approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

A public sewer system will provide individual property owners with development opportunities that better align with zoned uses in the Meadowbrook area, promoting a robust commercial tax base and less reliance on residential property taxes for the City’s operating budget.