Saving Water Partnership & Rebates

As of September 1, 2021, the City of North Bend is a member of the Saving Water Partnership, an organization comprised of 19 water utilities in King and Snohomish counties.

The Saving Water Partnership is a water conservation program that offers tips, tools and rebates to help people preserve the region’s water for future generations.  With North Bend’s membership in the SWP,  City water customers have access to rebates for replacing aging plumbing fixtures with more water efficient models; tools to spot and stop leaks; community outreach programs; water use assessments for commercial and multifamily buildings; and more.

The City is excited to offer expanded educational materials, assessments and valuable rebates included with the Saving Water Partnership to support its ongoing water conservation efforts.

Since its formation, members of the Saving Water Partnership have been committed to conserving water, with the conservation program credited as a key factor in the steady decline of water consumption since 1990, even while the region’s population has grown.

Visit the Saving Water Partnership - - to find extensive water conservation tips, including landscaping and lawn care advice, as well as valuable rebates for various water fixtures. 

Saving Water Partnership Graphic