capital improvement Projects

The City’s Capital Improvement Projects are developed based on meeting the future needs of the various utilities and street systems and are generally formulated through a comprehensive planning process.

The Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) identifies projects and costs for infrastructure improvements, laying out a plan for capital expenditures needed to restore, improve, and expand infrastructure. Projects include roads, sidewalks, trails, storm drainage, domestic water, mitigation water, sewer, wastewater treatment, parks, and facility capital projects.

The CIP is periodically updated to reflect ongoing changes and additions. It does not bind the City to any of the capital projects described within, as it is intended to serve as a planning document. In addition to serving as a management tool for City Council and staff and providing valuable information to the Planning Commission and the public, the CIP:

  • Assists in leveraging available resources through improved timing of projects and improved coordination of City projects with those of private and other public entities.
  • Shows how projects are being funded.
  • Helps to protect a City’s current infrastructure and to plan for new infrastructure.

2024 - 2029 Six Year CIP

On November 21, 2023, the North Bend City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution adopting the 2024 through 2029 Six Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), following the September 23 Transportation and Public Works (TPW) Committee meeting, as well as a first reading on October 17, and a second TPW Committee meeting on October 24.

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