Comprehensive Plan and Comp Plan Updates


The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires many cities and counties in Washington to adopt comprehensive plans that contain elements like land use, housing, Capital Facilities Plan, transportation, utilities, subarea plans, economic development, parks and recreation, conservation and more.

The City's Comprehensive Plan outlines the goals, objectives, policies, actions and standards that help guide the day-to-day decisions of elected officials and City staff. It represents the vision of community residents for a 20-year planning period. The City's development regulations are consistent with its Comprehensive Plan. 

The Comprehensive Plan is periodically updated to ensure it is consistent with requirements of the Growth Management Act and County-wide planning policies. The City Council adopted the changes to the Comprehensive Plan on December 15, 2015.


Comp Plan Updates

The City of North Bend is required to prepare a periodic update to the City's adopted Plan. This update needs to be complete by December 31, 2024. The Comprehensive Plan has multiple Elements listed below. The scope of work provides a high-level summary of amendments that the City anticipates providing to the Comprehensive Plan and associated zoning and development regulations as a part of the 2024 update and tentative calendar of anticipated reviews.  This summary is not comprehensive and will be subject to change based on further analysis, public input, and review process. The Elements in process of being updated have a link to their specific page or amendments with more detail. 

Public Input

The City will be providing multiple means to notify the public about the draft updates to the various elements of the Comprehensive Plan.  The Public Outreach and Participation Plan highlights outreach to the public, anticipated agencies and stakeholders, anticipated roles of the City Council and various City Commissions in the review and update, methods for informing the public and obtaining public comment and participation in the update.  In addition to the Public Participation Program, the webpages for the individual Comprehensive Plan Elements include further information on upcoming hearings for the Element (when scheduled). To receive email or text updates please sign up on the Notify Me section of the City's webpage.