Housing & Land Use Elements


The Land Use Element provides a long-range guide to the development of North Bend and its Urban Growth Area (UGA). Its purpose is to ensure that an adequate supply of land, a desired mix of uses, and employment opportunities are available for the successful implementation of the other elements of the Comprehensive plan. The element translates the vision of the City into a plan and directs development in North Bend over the next twenty years by introducing strategies that will retain and enhance smalltown character, environmental health, and cultural and economic sustainability.

The Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan examines the character and quality of existing development in both the City limits and the unincorporated areas of the UGA. It identifies, trends, and projects potential growth within recognized opportunity areas. It also proposes the distribution, location, and extent of land used for various land use classifications. It considers both the state mandates of the Growth Management Act (GMA) as well as appropriate Countywide Planning Policies in King County. It presents the community’s principal themes of preservation of its small town character with its desire to protect environmentally sensitive lands as growth occurs. Finally, it formulates the guiding goals and policies designed to shape the community into its acknowledged vision.

The Land Use Element sets general land use designations for the City and its UGA. Land use designations are intended to provide predictability to residents and property owners about the nature of land use within North Bend and provide the necessary planning tools to decision makers to make decisions about development applications. As mandated by the GMA, the Land Use Element accommodates the Growth Management Planning Council population and employment targets assigned to North Bend.


The Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan sets policies that will guide future housing development, by both public and private sectors, to meet the long range housing needs of the community and to respond to the objectives of the Growth Management Act. The policies are written to support opportunities for developing housing for all income groups and for a variety of lifestyle choices. The plan considers the condition of existing housing stock and the provision of a variety of housing types and densities to meet the needs of the population while seeking to retain the small town life style that is so important to the community. The plan also seeks to develop policies that encourage the development of recognizable neighborhoods with supportive amenities such as parks, trail connections and open space. 

The Housing Element was developed in accordance with the Growth Management Act, RCW 36.70A.070, WAC 365-195-310 (Housing Element Requirements), and the King County Countywide Planning Policies.


The Land Use and Housing Element update started with some introductory meetings including a Council Workstudy and Planning Commission meeting. This was followed by a Public Workshop on January 3, 2024. Staff is currently working to prepare a draft document to bring to a future Commission meeting for discussion and recommendation to the Council. Please sign up on the City's website in the Notify Me section to get updates about progress and scheduled meetings. 


On January 3, 2024, the planning Commission held a public workshop to receive comments and suggestions on the existing 2015 Land Use and Housing Element. At the workshop, the documents listed below were displayed throughout the room and guests were asked to provide comments on the current policies in order to provide community input as staff prepare the 2024 Comprehensive Plan update. If you would like to provide comments or suggestions and have them considered as we prepare the draft document, please review the below documents and provide comments to Rebecca Deming, Community and Economic Development Director, by January 31, 2024.

WORKSHOP Documents 

Workshop Presentation

2015 Land Use Element Goals and Policies

2015 Housing Element Goals and Policies

2015 Neighborhood Descriptions

2015 Land Use Map

Zoning Map

Zoning Map with Aerial

Housing Options Exhibit

Comp Plan Amendment Request Map

Development Project Locations Map

King County Countywide Planning Policies

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